Hello, I sent an email requesting tour status and refund if Samho cancels the tour on last Wednesday March 25th. Also, we left a message left with a receptionist on last Monday for Angee to call back. I have not heard from Angee or Samho Tour. Please, let me know of the tour staus as soon as possible. As it stands, it is most likely that the tour (scheduled from May 6th to May 19th) would be cancelled. Following was the email communication. Thanks for your attantion and help on this matter in advance.



Hello Samho Tour and Angee,


We (my husband and I) have signed up for an Eastern European Tour starting on May 6, 2020 and ending May 19, 2020. As requested, we paid $3000 to cover, we were told, airline tickets and a deposit.


Unfortunately, however, we all are going through very difficult time caused by the on-going pandemic of COVID-19. The pandemic has impacted every facet of our lives. We truly hope that Samho Tour endures this very difficult time and that Samho Tour cancels those upcoming tour schedules in response to government stay-home guidelines especially for those in high risk group to which we belong. We learned that United Airlines extended their “full refund” policy for any booked tickets up to May 31, 2020.


We would like to hear Samho Tour’s position in this unfortunate situation and any information regarding full refund of the payment. We would really appreciate your response either by phone or return email as soon as possible. A copy of the invoice is attached for your reference.


Sincerely, wishing for everyone’s well-being at Samho Tour! 힘내세요!


Young Hee Paik (619-254-5737)


invoice #1377 Samho Tour 01-17-2020.jpg